Introverted Extroverts

Introverted Extroverts
Ruby & Kenny

Homebodies Ruby and Kenny have an incredible eye for interior and decided to renovate their new space entirely on their own. We were wowed as we stepped into the magnificent space with generous ceiling height, and it wasn’t just because they made us breakfast even though it was an extremely early morning. They love hosting in small groups, and it really shows in the wonderful warmth of their personalities and their home.

sojao house to home hello home bodies ruby and kenny

“Kenny works in retail management and I’m in digital marketing for the pharmaceutical industry. Creativity in all form energises us and we make use of our home as a canvas to express ourselves by changing things up constantly.”

“That is also the reason why we decided to design this space by ourselves without an ID.”

outdoor cactus garden balcony interior design

“Our home is a mishmash of Modern Mediterranean/Japandi by chance. We enjoy studying structures and interiors when we travel and will take mental notes of how we'd want certain elements to fit in our future home. 

hello home bodies mezzanine home in singapore

“Japan and Morocco are two of our favourite places that we've visited and we drew inspiration on the use of colours, textures and played with light & shadow from these places.”

interior design walk up minimal mezzanine home in singapore

“Also, because we lived together in our first flat for six years before this, we could quickly identify design and layout elements that complement our habits and lifestyle.”

“We enjoy aesthetically pleasing things but are also your typical Joe practical right down to the core. This definitely permeates into how we've planned our space. Every common walkway in the home is meant to be wheelchair-friendly, to cater to the elderly visitors. We kept the kitchen design clean, hiding most necessities and prioritised loose furniture pieces over built-ins to give us the space and flexibility to change things up whenever inspiration hits us!”

barn door design in mezzanine home

“Instead of styling to fill a space, it was important for us to first decide the element of the space that we’d like to highlight and then choose pieces to complement that.”

“We also decided on how we wanted to ‘feel’ in the space before setting the tone with soft decor, which has a way of evoking different emotions through colours and textures.”

washing area cottage styled interior design

“Styling with negative space can also help accentuate design elements.

“Our favourite part of our home is definitely our master bathroom! The highlight of hotel stays for us is usually the bathtubs and to be able to have one in our own master bedroom bathroom was a big win. It’s where we go to unwind after a day's work - a bubble bath and scented candles for the complete home spa experience.”

Toilet modern interior decor with brass gold finishingFeatured above are our Organic Cotton Face Towel Pairs in Stone.

A close second would be our balcony - the flooring was a huge DIY project. We smashed tiles and laid them in a terrazzo fashion for the one-of-a-kind flooring that we can call uniquely ours!”

Singaporean couple relaxing in outdoor balcony having breakfast

“Due to the nature of my work, I usually get up pretty early while Kenny gets to clock a few more hours of sleep on the weekdays. The silver lining is that I get a beautiful view of the sunrise from the living room where I currently work-from-home. It’s my ‘alone time’ that I’ve come to cherish, to be able to set my daily intentions with my drug (read: coffee).”

Modern contemporary stylish dining area with rattan furnishing

“Honestly it's hard to truly separate work from home as we do not limit ourselves to working at a certain room or desk. We have 'work-docking' stations in each corner of the home as we enjoy the versatility - I've even worked from the balcony once when it was breezy!

singapore modern interior decor

It also helps that we recently adopted our cat, Biru, too as he wakes up in the evenings and reminds us to shift our attention from the laptops to him.”

modern contemporary resale flat in singapore

“On the weekends, we enjoy whipping up our own brunch table and taking it slow. The spacious layout allows us to both work in the kitchen together. Kenny is the chef while I prepare coffee in parallel.

kitchen design singapore

We also like to host intimate gatherings (large groups stress us out), like the introverted extroverts we are, and we like food prep to be a communal activity hence the massive countertop space.

sojao organic cotton bedding wineRuby and Kenny’s bed is dressed in a Classic Wine Bundle Set, complete with a Classic Wine Bolster Case and an additional Classic White Pillow Case Pair.

“Our first impression of the sheets was definitely how buttery smooth they are and how spoilt we felt with the colour selections!”

“The breathable sheets meant we were able to keep cool through the night. Kenny has extremely sensitive and dry skin and is prone to eczema flare ups. The fact that these sheets are made of organic cotton and are chemical free, meant they don’t irritate his skin and he can sleep easy. The only downside is that now our cat wants in too and he climbs into our bed to chill - something he had never done in the past!”

Japanese climbing stick mount fuji

“Many things around the home are actually knick-knacks that we’ve brought home from our travels as a couple but our favourite has got to be the two wooden sticks from our Mount Fuji climb back in 2018. It brings back memories of the adrenaline we felt reaching the summit but honestly, a lot of pain as well when I think of the gravel descent that seemed to go on forever. 

“But its a reminder for us that support is the best thing we can gift to each other, especially when the going gets tough.”

rimowa luggage coffee table

“Another of Kenny’s favourite item and the first thing he purchased for our home, is the large Rimowa luggage which we turned into a coffee table. It’s probably the only piece in Singapore.”

Retro film camera home display and chess set

“We often find ourselves at Hock Siong and Aeae Furniture looking for unique or vintage pieces to add character to our home. We appreciate things that are built to last and quality woodworking. For both of these, Second Charm has always been our go-to for customised, quality pieces since our first bed frame was done up by them nearly 6 years ago. For soft furnishing, we look to the vast abyss of the world wide web! Some websites we recommend are Stylodeco, Smallables and local sustainable goods site”

“We started to demand more from our living space ever since we became homeowners ourselves. Instead of seeing it as just a living area, it gained significance as a 'lived-in' place, especially against the backdrop of the pandemic. We started making more conscious decisions on what we use in our daily lives, and gained more awareness on the impact these decisions have on us and the environment.”

outdoor breakfast dining in singapore

“This coming year, we are looking forward to growing as a couple, especially since we will be living apart for a bit. I will be relocating to Japan due to work and Kenny will be staying in Singapore. Long distance will not be easy but it's also a chance for both of us to grow in our own ways and also mature as a couple at a new found pace!”

contemporary modern mezzanine home in singapore

“Home is a place filled with things that matter to us, where we can be without judgement and with ease. We see the space as an extension of ourselves - it quietly stands for our habits, priorities and preferences.”


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