Monochromatic Magic

Nicole Wong

By combining the principles of the Bauhaus movement with a strict monochromatic color palette, Nicole and her partner Clinton have created a stunning home that is both timeless and modern. They have embraced a straightforward and functional lifestyle, preferring to keep the decor minimalistic, with lots of built-in storage and vintage USM Haller pieces. Coincidentally fitting in with the pops of orange in the aesthetic, their lovable pup Ziggy helps add a playful touch to their space.

“I am the Creative Director of nplusc, a Creative Agency that covers marketing campaigns, content creation, events, and more. Everyday is different for me and I have no fixed routine or daily rituals. Our busy work schedule pushes us to prioritise things that are easy and functional at home."

Nicole's living space

“We were inspired by the Bauhaus movement for their clean lines and simple shapes with little to no decoration. We wanted our home to be functional and to not have decor that clutters the place up unnecessarily.”

“Each piece is curated with intention. Every item has a function and place in our home.” 

“I am a very straightforward person so I like my living space to reflect that. I get to focus more on life itself when the house is easy to maintain and fuss-free.”


”The kitchen and dining area are my favourite spots in the home as I like how I can seamlessly move through both spaces. It's not a huge space but has everything we need, all kept neatly hidden.”


“When picking out pieces for our home, we consider what they are intended for and what they will add to the space. The quality and design also plays a big part. We try to find timeless designs that match our aesthetic and the home.”


“My USM table in the study room is probably my favourite thrifted object. We’re collecting these USM pieces as we love how modular they are. We can change their set-up as time goes by and it allows us a lot of freedom to move and style the spaces separately without buying brand new pieces.”

“When it comes to thrifting, it’s key to keep to the colour or material theme of your home. There are times where you will find pieces that you might love but they don’t necessarily fit into your aesthetics.”

“Be mindful and consider how each piece will impact your life and space.”


“Don't get overwhelmed by the high you get from finding a deal, because a deal might be great but it might not necessarily be what you need.”

“My favourite places to find unique pieces for your home are Carousell, Aeae Furniture and Mohd. I found my work desk at Aeae furniture. It's such a unique piece, but it was in a light brown that didn't fit into the home, so I requested for it to be stained black.”


“Our home is mainly grays and blacks, with pops of orange as it is my partner’s favourite colour. And another pop of colour in the space and our lives is our dog Ziggy.

Nicole's bed covered in SOJAO bed sheets

Nicole's bed is dressed in a Classic Mix & Match Bundle Set with a Classic Fitted Sheet and Classic Pillow Case Pair in Natural paired with our Classic Duvet Cover in Stone. An additional Classic Pillow Case Pair in Stone is featured.


“I’m a cold sleeper and I really like to pull my blanket all the way up to my neck. Because if there’s anything blowing on my shoulders I really just can’t fall asleep. If I’m cocooned up but getting too hot, I will put my leg out for some ventilation.”

“We like the fact that at SOJAO we can customise and mix and match with the colours, because we really like things that have no pattern and frills. The choice of colours that SOJAO has for grays, whites and neutrals make it easy to mix and match, and that’s what we really love.” 


“To me, home is a place where you feel safe and represents who you are. I enjoy doing the therapeutic things to make it more homey, such as steaming my sheets or arranging my pantry. Making it work for me functionally means I’m always looking forward to spending my time at home, whether it’s just chilling or planning up exciting projects for nplusc.”


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