How to care for your bedsheets and towels

How to care for your bedsheets and towels

It's easy to prolong the lifespan of your everyday essentials. At SOJAO, we've made everything machine washable and easy to care for. Here are some of our best laundry tips for caring for your organic fabrics!


Tip #1

Wash sheets and towels separately and always wash with like colours. 

Tip #2

Never overload your machine. Rinse thoroughly. Detergent residue will damage your fabrics.

Tip #3

Cut back on detergent. Or add an extra rinse cycle. If your fabrics are hardened, it's probably due to detergent residue.

Tip #4

Don't use softeners. They might leave residues that make your fabrics crusty.

Tip #5

Take your laundry out immediately. There will be less wrinkles from the get-go. Perfect for our sheets that aren't finished with harmful anti-wrinkling finishes.

Tip #6

Line dry for best results. It leaves fabrics to stretch out their crinkles naturally. It saves energy and is eco-friendly too.


Watch our cutest wash care video here!

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